5 Tips to Win Over Lakhs on Indian Rummy Online

You can now make easy money online. And you can do so by playing rummy! Yes. Making money has never been this fun. Playing rummy and earning money though it has been declared as legal by the Supreme Court in India. This is because Indian rummy or any other variant of rummy for that matter, does not depend on luck or gambling. It is a game of skills and mental prowess, calculations, and logic. You need to abide by the rules as well as form different innovative strategies while playing rummy. The rules of the game are pretty basic and standard. Learn the rules and win over lakhs by playing Indian rummyonline.

5 tips to win over lakhs on Indian rummy online:

  • Practice well on the free play version

This might seem like some cliché advice, but it is important. The only way to make sure that you win a lot of cash while playing rummy online is by practising the game daily. Playing rummy is like any other game of skill which requires practice in order for you to improve. Once you consistently practice your moves and strategies on the free play version, you can then confidently move on to cash rummy games with an improved skill set.

  • Play cash rummy games

The next thing and the most important thing you can do to earn over lakhs is to play cash rummy. In cash rummy, you as well as all the other players on a table need to make a deposit and pay a buy-in for the match to begin. The player who successfully melds all his cards the fastest gets 0 points and collects all the money that his opponents have lost to him in Indian rummy. Playing cash rummy is a great way to collect more and more money through online rummy every day.

  • Freeroll tournaments

The moment you make a deposit to play cash rummy games, you automatically become eligible to play freeroll tournaments. These tournaments or tourneys are similar to other game tournaments where players from all over the country join in. These tournaments keep on happening on a regular basis such as the Jackpot 1K tournament or the Jackpot 5K tournament. You need to register as soon as possible since these tournaments see a lot of participation and competition. The Mega Jackpot 1 Lakh tournament is one of the biggest freeroll tournaments where the winner can earn up to Rs. 1 Lakh.

  • Cash Tournaments

The other tournaments you can join in are the cash rummy tournaments. Here, the players need to make a minimal entry fee to join different tables, apart from the initial deposit. However, since this version of tournaments has an entry fee, the participation is comparatively very low and the chances to win are very high. Different cash tournaments are the Cash 25 or the Cash 100 tournaments.

  • Bonus and promotions

The next way to earn a lot of money by playing Indian rummy online is the different bonuses and promotional offers. Players can earn a number of different bonuses like the Welcome Bonus, the Top-Up bonus, the Refer a Friend bonus, etc. Through consistently claiming these bonuses, players can earn more and more money.


So, you can see that there are a number of different ways to play online Indian rummy and win in lakhs. By being a regular rummy player and joining in cash rummy games and tourneys, you can make up to a whopping 1 lakh rupees in rummy.

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