Best Stocks to Buy for Long Term

Were you interested in long term investments in shares? But you’re puzzled about which shares will be the best to invest, here we have a solution for you. If you are a regular short-term trader then making a reasonable attempt to invest in the long run will be a great idea, but if this is your very first time then it will be the worst nightmare to jump directly on long-term stock investments.

Why choose Long term investment over Short term investment?

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Assets of short-term investments have a higher risk of uncertainty if someone wants to have higher returns where, with long-term investments, you will have a higher yield guarantee. If you save money for long-term investments then this will help you achieve tax benefits on capital gains. There are also some of the best long-term investments on the market. Now let us jump to discuss solid facts to know what are the best stocks to buy for the long term. Follow the below-

mentioned points:

APL Apollo Tubes Pt. Ltd.

The APL Apollo Tubes Pt. Ltd. Is the largest Electric Welded Resistance steel pipes manufacturing

company in Asia. It exports its manufactured products in 20 different countries along in its own

region. The average revenue growth of this company is about 19.97% which generates an earnings

per share of ₹50.01 (as of March 2019). This makes the company best for investing in long terms.

 Asian Paints

Asian Paints is one of the largest paints and coating manufacturers in India which came in light in the

year 1945. This company also deals with selling and distribution of products related to home décor,

bath fittings etc. Asian pains have seen a market growth of 8% to 12% during the past 5 financial

years. As per financial reports of 2019, there has been revenue growth of 9.88% and the net profit

growth was 13.30% from the last year. So, if you are looking for a reasonable long-term investment

share then Asian paints will be a valuable asset for you as this company has an earnings per share of


The above discussed were our top choices for the best stocks to buy for long term

investment. If you have liked our content then do comment and thank you for reading.


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