Interior Design Marketing Ideas

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1. Become the Local Expert
People want to get the very best from the very best and they’ll go to whomever is considered the expert in the interior design niche for your local community. If you want to get the most customers, then you’re going to need to become the expert. Go through your past projects, focus on a target demographic, and then show your expertise through value.

2. Recruit From the Best
The key to marketing success for an interior designer is to clone your best customers and you can do that by focusing on that small demographic. Go to where your preferred customers are and then entice them to see what you can offer. That way you’ll get the consistent business you want for the type of customer that you want too.

3. Know Where You Plan To Go
If you’re able to define what your plans are for each job, then you’re able to inspire more business because you’ll be seen as well thought, organized, and able to get the job done. Having a plan is liberating as well because it gives you a series of goals to hit along the way with each job.

4. Create a Master List
Don’t forget about the customers you’ve already served because they can be an ongoing resource for you. Pick out the very best of the best customers that you have and make them feel special as much as possible through birthday cards, thank you notes, and even announcements of big projects you’ve just completed.

5. Get a Newsletter Out At Least Once Per Quarter
One of the easiest ways to stay at the top of a customer’s mind is to get details of your latest jobs right in front of them. You can do this through a traditional newsletter sent through direct mail, but an email newsletter is a lot cheaper to produce. Chances are you’ve got most of your client’s email address already anyway, right?

6. Get to Blogging
If you have a website without a blog, then you’ve got missing value that needs to be filled right away. Blogs are all about the value that you can provide someone and best of all, it’s free for everyone. A little sweat equity on your part for a helpful post about the interior design field that lets your customers solve a problem will go a long way toward scoring some additional business.


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