Marketing Blogs to follows

Copyblogger / @copyblogger

Brian Clark has built a multimillion dollar technology company with the Copyblogger blog. He is essentially selling pickaxes – hosting, WordPress plugins, education, etc. – during a gold rush. The business model and the blog are both worth paying attention to.

Copy Hackers / @copyhackers

Writing copy is quite a bit different than churning out blog posts. Copy is designed to not only educate but also convert. Joanna Wiebe and Lance Jones walk you through everything a good copywriter needs to know to be successful.

The Daily Egg / @crazyegg

Crazy Egg’s heat maps and click-tracking overlays are incredibly useful. It turns out their blog, The Daily Egg, is also a great resource. While the tools are designed to provide data, the blog offers training, tips and insight on conversion and engagement.

Duct Tape Marketing / @ducttape

John Jantsch prides himself on practicality. His blog and accompanying podcast are a reflection of that, making the Duct Tape Marketing site a treasure trove of useful information.

Econsultancy / @econsultancy

Simply put, this blog rocks. Get several new posts per day, and read up on their in-depth reports and case studies.

Email Institute / @emailinstitute

In addition to publishing original content on its blog, the team at the Email Institute also curates great posts from around the Web. Also, check out the LinkedIn group, which hosts active discussions for its more than 1,000 members.

Gregory Ciotti / @gregoryciotti

Help Scout is one of our favorite tools, and Gregory Ciotti is their marketing strategist.

Growth Hackers / @growthhackers_

While Growth Hackers isn’t technically a blog – it’s a community – it is a fantastic resource for marketers. Users can submit and vote on content, meaning the best and most interesting stuff is always at the top.

Raven Tools / @raventools

Raven’s suite of marketing tools counts its blog among its useful assets. The blog covers all the expected marketing channels with an easy-to-digest approach to some complicated topics.

Search Engine Land / @sengineland

Search Engine Land, the sister site of Marketing Land, has a keen focus on the search-engine marketing landscape. They cover all the interesting news from Google, Bing and others but also provide plenty of tips and analyses for marketers.

Seth Godin / @thisissethsblog

He’s the father of permission marketing, and his blog is usually the most enlightening thing you will read each morning. If anyone can help you think outside the box and move outside your marketing comfort zone, it’s Seth Godin.

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